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Hmmm… the kindness! What texture! You can use this vanilla cream any: the cream cake or cookies to eclairs. La Pavlova, As I have used. And it is very quick and handy ingredients.


- 7 yolks

- 600 ml lapte

- 200 grame old

- 50 Gram Amidon

- vanilie rod sau esenta

You can reduce the amount depending on how much you need vanilla cream. Prepare a large pot with cold water.

Mix yolks with cornstarch. If you wonder why they are so yellow yolks… well, that are from hens raised… neither see :D



Boil milk with sugar. Be sure to stir occasionally to melt sugar. When the milk begins to boil, remove from heat and pour 1 tablespoon of hot milk into egg yolks, stirring well over all, to homogenize. Then take another 1 lingura de lapte si turnati din nou in galbenusuri. Proceed as with any 6-7 tablespoons milk, stirring well.


If you threaten to boil and stir to branzeasca yolks. After 6-7 tablespoons milk, puteti sa turnati in fir subtire, stirring. Do not worry if you make more foam, boil will disappear!


After you have poured all the milk and mix well all, pour the yolk mixture back into the pot and place back on heat. Stir until thickened into one – not last long and you will see very nice catch consistency. Cand s a ingrosat, Take the pan from the heat and place it in the bowl with cold water, stirring until it cools a little. Add vanilla extract or vanilla bean contents of.


Use vanilla cream craving what you inimoara: torture, eclair, Cakes. It is very smooth and flavorful.



To use the remaining whites have here cateva idei :)

Author: Alexandra Butnari

For you, for him, for me! For those who know how to sweeten life, the simple things, but beautiful, and especially tasty! For each of you! Affectionately, devotedly, with gratitude, Alexandra

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