Legume rear the tigaie

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Legume rear the tigaie
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Today I propose a quick, simply, dar in acelasi TIMP sanatos! Legume rear the tigaie – gata in 10-15 minute. A pranz / or china plin(a) of vitamins. Enjoy it!


- 1 vanata mica

- 1/2 red pepper

- 1/2 Ardei verde

- 1/2 yellow peppers

- 5-6 mushrooms

- oil / butter

- SOS soia

- Sare is piper

Wash all vegetables well. Cut eggplant into cubes. Clean seed peppers and cut them into cubes. Mushrooms, depending on size, cut them into cubes.

Heat oil or butter in wok (sau tigaie). Add the vegetables and stir constantly, the foc sea. After 2 minute puteti adauga you are Sare piper will never lasati putin, All high heat.


Vegetables will soften the surface, iar in interior or knows ramana crocante. Adica stir fry – and colors they retain their nutrients well. Add a few drops of soy sauce, mix, and caught on fire.


It can be used as such or as a garnish for meat. We have just eaten, with nothing else… and had an incredible taste… they may be (although recognizing, the vegetables were bought from supermarket… but can not wait to make them parents with vegetables from the garden).

Pofta buna!


Author: Alexandra Butnari

For you, for him, for me! For those who know how to sweeten life, the simple things, but beautiful, and especially tasty! For each of you! Affectionately, devotedly, with gratitude, Alexandra

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